Here are some resouces which might be useful in planning and preparing your business start-up.




Companies House – gives access to useful information and insights to companies. Also a place to set up & register your company (if you’ve decided that incorporated is the way to go).


HMRC: Love them or hate them, their site will provide useful insights to all matters relating to tax.


UK Business Forum: An interesting place to gather information and opinions plus some business banter. Not to be confused with professional advice!




Check list: Our actions check list for start ups. It isn’t definitive – and never will be, because every start up is different.  Hopefully it will help you to get on the right tracks.


Business plan template: An editable template for a basic business plan. Best used in conjunction with our Business Plan Guide Notes.


Business plan guide notes: for use in completing your Business plan template.


Forecast templates: Speadsheet templates for cashflow forecasts, Pre-start costs and personal survival budgets. (These are currently in test mode – please refer with any glitches!).




Funding guide: A brief overview of the types of funding available to business start-ups.


Start up loans: Start your application here, or email me for more detail.




P & L forecast template